Reasons to use Kombucha (submitted by K-Tea users)
Reasons to use Kombucha

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Kombucha Starter Cultures, Information and Ordering

2 Kombucha Cultures, with instructions for making Kombucha Tea:
$25, (S&H, U.S. Postal Priority Mail included). Outside continental U.S., add $15 shipping.

Order by mail, accompanied by check or money order, using this Printable Order Form
We have been making and using Kombucha products for several years. I have noted numerous improvements in my overall health including: increased energy, sharper eyesight, and better skin condition, to name a few. We also have reference to positive results contributed to Kombucha use by our friends and family members. We give away Kombucha locally. We make no claims as to the medicinal value of Kombucha, (except the ones we already made).

Our cultures/teas have been improving in vitality/taste over time. They are made under extremely sanitary conditions. There is a wealth of information regarding Kombucha on "The Web", so you can read about it for months.We can mail you Kombucha Cultures, &/or ready made K-Tea, (see below), as well as detailed instructions for making your own K-Tea.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you use stainless steel (2nd choice glass) pots, (for brewing tea), and clear glass jars (for fermenting). You will also need lots of tea, sugar, some fine cloth, and a heavy rubber band. Jars and pots should be kept extremely clean.

Kombucha reproduces itself, so, if maintained appropriately, you could have/make a lifetime supply from 1 Kombucha Culture. If you get your Kombucha from us, and have problems causing the need (lose your culture), we will replace it, one time, for the cost of shipping.

Product #1, Kombucha Starter Kit

2 FRESH Kombucha Cultures, enough K-Tea to start first batch(s), and detailed instructions for making tea. Also included is information regarding other uses for Kombucha derivatives. Price: $25.00.

Printable Order Form

Please note: Prices include costs for shipping and handling within the U.S.. There is an additional $15.00 shipping charge added to ship outside the continental U.S.

2 Kombucha Cultures/Instructions, shipped outside continental U.S.: $40.00

Products below are available in the U.S. Only

Product #2

BEST VALUE! Our 100% pure Kombucha Tea is a refreshing beverage and a useful health care supplement!!
Starter Kit, plus 1 quart, ready-made Kombucha Tea. Enough to use until your first batch is ready. Price: $50.00.

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Product #3

1/2 Gallon of our finest ready-made Kombucha Tea. Price: $50.00.

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